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Cristiano Ronaldo: “My future is not important”

Cristiano Ronaldo spoke yesterday in an interview, stating that what counted, was not his future but the goal of winning the tenth Champions League of Real.

On the sidelines of the meeting of real Madrid facing Levante, Cristiano Ronaldo who is indispensable to real has mentioned his personal case, the Champions League, and the Casillas case that shakes Spain football. The Portuguese wants to stay focused and does not want questions about his contract to Real come to disturb his end of the season. “It is not my future that is important, what is important is Real Madrid and that we continue to win.” Ronaldo goes through a very good time with Real and he says, “I’m happy, scoring goals is important.” My priority is to help the team and that is my job. Yesterday, the Portuguese who started the encounter with Levante on the bench still had time to score a goal in a match that saw the Real imposing itself largely against Levante. “The team played well, I entered the second half and tried to help with a goal and a decisive pass.” CR7 has been a 3-time replacement in the championship this season, and if he is not accustomed to this situation, he tries to accept the situation: “I always want to play, but we must accept the decisions of the coach, who always wants the best for his team”.

The Portuguese then evokes the club’s number one goal: to win its tenth Champions League. “I don’t know if we are favorites to win the Champions League, we have to go little by little, I don’t like to talk about that either.” But I think we have a great chance of reaching the final. Finally, Cristiano Ronaldo who is number 1 of the jersey sales mentioned the case Iker Casillas, who, since his return after his injury to the thumb, remains confined on the sidelines by Mourinho. “We are very pleased with the return of Iker, it’s an asset to help us.” Cristiano Ronaldo hopes to add a Champions League to his charts, and it will be difficult to stop him. Do you think Real can win the Champions League?

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