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Cristiano Ronaldo is unbreakable in 2013!

Since the beginning of the year, Cristiano Ronaldo is literally on fire! The Portuguese scored 19 goals in just … 16 Encounters!

Is the year 2013 the year of Ronaldo? It all suggests that yes! Portuguese has never been so marked, and it does not seem to have to stop there. Cristiano Ronaldo who still saved the Real thanks to a double totaled for the moment 19 goals in 16 games in 2013! While he was not feeling well during the first part of the season, CR7 was able to raise his head, and if the championship is lost, Real can still claim the final victory in the Champions League largely thanks to him. Altogether this season, CR7 scored 42 goals, including 26 in the championship. Even better, Ronaldo scored no less than 33 goals in 32 championship games played outside. Statistics that will make all the world’s defenses pale! If Ronaldo is still away from his rival Messi who has scored 39 goals in the championship, he is in great shape, and a Ronaldo in great shape, it hurts!

Cristiano Ronaldo who started the year in fanfare continues on his momentum and nothing seems to have to stop him and certainly not Mourinho! The coach of the Real who had put his prodigy on the bench against Deportivo La Coruña and Barca is struggling to calm the appetite of his player. Ronaldo let him know that he wanted to play all the games without distinction, no matter how tired. This is an example to follow for all footballers, starting with some PSG players. Anyway, Mourinho who can’t rely on his attackers Benzema and Higuain, too irregular doesn’t have much choice. The question is whether this will be enough for the Champions League. Do you think Ronaldo is doing his best season?

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