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Cristiano Ronaldo: “I can’t please everyone”

Cristiano Ronaldo gave an interview for the newspaper as he returns on his contract and on his Blues hit a few months ago. He swears on his son’s head that the reason for his sadness has never been a matter of money.

Cristiano Ronaldo expressed himself in the columns of Ace and did not evade any subject. reverts to the content of this interview. Cristiano Ronaldo who celebrated his 28th birthday yesterday would like to win the 10th Champions League of Real Madrid as a gift. “The first gift I would ask would be the tenth, (ed.: Champions League) something very important for Real Madrid.” The Portuguese who now maintains a privileged relationship with the public at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is talking about it. “This love that people bring to me at the stadium, in the street moves me.” […] “What motivates me the most is to see that people have affection for me and support me in all games.” This has not always been the case, and since his arrival, Cristiano has the image of a full player of his person and arrogant, image fed by the Portuguese himself. “I’ve always stayed the same.” […] “I have always defended Real Madrid to the fullest and, and people hold it more, leaving aside much less important aspects.” It is true that one can criticize his arrogance, but his involvement when he is on the ground is exemplary. Cristiano then comes back on his blues shot from a few months ago that had made a lot of talk.

Five months ago, Cristiano Ronaldo had said at the end of a game, “I’m sad.” Therefore one wondered why the Portuguese was sad. He wasn’t getting enough money? Is he constantly being insulted by the public? Is her relationship with Irina Shayk difficult? But the explanation that came back most often was that Ronaldo did not receive a fairly substantial salary according to him. He sweeps this supposition by swearing on his son’s head. “I swear on my son’s head that the reason for my sadness has never been a matter of money.” But it’s all behind him, and today he’s better. “The situation has changed because I do what I like, […]” “And I feel very well on the ground and with my teammates.” We are reassured … Finally, the Portuguese always kicks in touch when we mention his contract with Real Madrid. “The extension of my contract is something I don’t want to talk about and I don’t care about at the moment.” This is not going to contradict the rumors that send him to Manchester … Do you think Ronaldo’s Blues shot was due to the money?

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