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Cristiano Ronaldo earns 30 million euros a year about

According to a survey by Sportune magazine, Cristiano Ronaldo’s business would amount to about 30 million euros a year.

Cristiano Ronaldo is rich, we know. But at that point … It’s a different story. Sportune Magazine investigated the revenues of the Portuguese international. The least we can say is that Madrid knows how to diversify. It has a house in Madrid worth 5 million euros, an apartment of 2.7 million, and a house at 4 million euros in a park in Portugal, which tourists come to see. According to the same magazine, Ronaldo would be a great collector of luxury cars. According to the Gazetta Dello Sport, it has between 16 and 18 cars, including a Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari, Porsche, Rolls-Royce or a Maserati. This would represent 4.6 million euros of cars. But Portuguese is also an investor. It has shares of the company, which allows a link between the brands and the individuals. Cristiano Ronaldo who would not cost more than 73 million euros knows how to use his image for pecuniary purposes.

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Obviously, the player is also linked to advertising contracts like Nike, Castrol and Konami. These contracts would about twenty million euros a year. Cristiano Ronaldo who does not extend to Real Madrid is also a brand. According to Forbes Magazine, if Ronaldo was a brand, it would be worth … EUR 8.5 million. Yes, besides, Ronaldo can sell everything and anything even … A clod of Earth. The clod of land that made him miss a shot against Bosnia in a barrage for the Euro 2012 was sold at auction at almost 5100 euros. Finally, proof of the extreme popularity of Portuguese, according to Starcount, Ronaldo would have on all social networks confused a total of 80 million fans … We let you imagine … What do you think of these numbers?

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