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Cristiano Ronaldo at PSG this summer?

The PSG could recruit a major player this summer in the person of Cristiano Ronaldo. At the moment, the two parties have not yet agreed.

After the Ibrahimovic, Thiago Silva and Lucas Moura, the PSG will catch in his nets Cristiano Ronaldo? Leonardo, the sports director of the Parisian club, in a dream but still nothing is won. Although under contract with the club of Merengue until June 2015, Cristiano Ronaldo said he did not want to pursue his career in Real Madrid because he felt unhappy. A godsend therefore for the Paris Saint Germain which intends to hire the greatest players in its ranks since the Brazilian sports director claims that “the PSG has become a club where everything is possible.” About a possible arrival of the Portuguese player in Paris, Leonardo says that “Ronaldo has a still long contract with Real and we do not go like that from Madrid.” “There is zero contact, but today when we talk about a departure from a great player like him, there are only four or five clubs where this can happen and the PSG is now part of it.”

So far Cristiano Ronaldo has never made any part of his desire to join the PSG. Only the leaders of the club of the capital are constantly making known their interest in the Portuguese player. Before Leonardo, it was the Royal Qatari family, owner of the Parisian club, who had indicated that she “absolutely wanted Mourinho and Ronaldo to be at PSG next year and this is the time to bring them here.” The arrival of Mourinho seems more than understood. The Brazilian sports director is well aware of that. He dropped out, “I don’t see Mourinho leaving Mardrid.” On the other hand the coming of Cristiano Ronaldo does not seem impossible to him but not before the end of the season. The dolphin of the Ballon d’or Lionel Messi could join, at the earliest, the camp of praise this summer. Last September, Cristiano Ronaldo regretted not having a salary as high as Ibrahimovic at the PSG. The Qatari leaders know what they have to propose to the Portuguese striker if they want to have a chance to want to join the PSG team! Would you like to see Cristiano Ronaldo at PSG?

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