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Liga: The best scorer Diego Costa chooses La Roja

Diego Costa has decided. The best scorer in La Liga, tied with Cristiano Ronaldo (11 goals) chose to wear the colors of Spain rather than those of Brazil.

Two players have a better ratio than Lionel Messi (8 goals in 11 encounters) this season: the Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo, and the Neo-Spanish Diego Costa. The striker of Atletico Madrid is currently the best scorer of the Liga on par with the Portuguese (11 goals). The Colchonero has planted all his pawns in only 10 championship encounters. Born in Brazil, the 25-year-old player had a choice to make regarding his nationality: he decided to declare his flame to Spain.

It was on the official website of Atlético that the serial scorer explained his decision. This was a rather complicated decision, as may be the decision to choose between the country where you were born and the country that gave you everything. The right thing to do is to play in Spain because I did everything here. Here I feel appreciated for everything I do on a daily basis and I feel the affection of people. The Brazilian Football federation could bite its fingers, because Diego Costa finally reveals its real talent.

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