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Cristiano Ronaldo: A return to Manchester in 2014?

According to The Guardian, Cristiano Ronaldo would like to finish his career at Manchester United and would consider returning to Old Trafford as early as 2014.

Except huge surprise, Cristiano Ronaldo, little concerned about his extension of his contract will play this season under the colors of Real Madrid. But that is not to say that the questions about a return to Manchester United are settled quite the contrary. The very serious Guardian reports that the Portuguese would like to finish his career at Manchester United. For this, he would consider packing as early as 2014 in order to be still at his best level when he will be treading the Old Trafford lawn. According to the daily newspaper, CR7 met with the leaders of United and served them in person his desire to return to the north of England. In the Face of the intransigence of Florentino Perez, Manchester United did not insist on the transfer of Cristiano this season. Especially as he himself considers Real as the club for which he has to play at present and wants to stay there. The excellent relations between the red and CR7 devil decision makers greatly facilitate the possibility of a transfer, whether in one, two or three years.

The imminent arrival of Gareth Bale may change the sports and economic plans of Real in the medium term and could open the door to a departure from its Portuguese nugget. Real like Cristiano could happen to each other, given the economic power of Madrid, and the immense talent of the player. In the meantime, Carlo Ancelotti is going to have to coexist and give the best possible return to those who are worth two close to 200 million euros. Cristiano Ronaldo who saved Portugal against the Netherlands wants to prove that he remains the best player of Real, if not of the world. Do you think Ronaldo will finish his career in Manchester?

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