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Cristiano Ronaldo: “I do not want to face France”

Second in their respective group, France and Portugal may face roadblocks for qualifying for the 2014 World Cup. An opponent that Cristiano Ronaldo wishes to avoid at all costs …

After the Portuguese draw in Israel, the Lusitanian team was condemned to finish second in its group and to fight a barrage for the chance to play the World Cup in Brazil. On their way could be found … The French team. Second of their group behind Spain, the Blues will also have to go through the dams but, unlike Portugal, the team of France will not be part of the heads of series and will therefore face either Croatia, Greece, Sweden of Ibrahimovic or … Portugal. If these teams are frightened, France is nonetheless a scarecrow for its potential opponents to start with the Portugal of Cristiano Ronaldo: “Theoretically, the strongest selection is France.” There may be a lot of interest around this meeting […] “If there is a team against which I do not want to play it is France, for several reasons”. CR7 who earns 1920 euros per hour would it imply that France could be favoured with regard to the nationality of the President of UEFA?

An explanation Mr Ronaldo? “I’m not going to talk about this because I could be punished.” CR7, one of the best players in the world falls back into his old way with his nauseating insinuations. Is that a way to put pressure on the referee? or (already) justify elimination against the Blues? Anyway, this statement does not honor Cristiano Ronaldo who realizes the best start of the season of his career and Portuguese football which probably does not need to launch a free controversy to destabilise the protagonists. As always the only truth will be that of the terrain, which is largely to the advantage of our blues with 16 victories in 22 encounters. The draw of the dams for the World Cup 2014 will take place on 21 October in Zurich. What do you think of the statements of Cristiano Ronaldo?

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