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Cristiano Ronaldo broke the arm of a young bear!

Would Cristiano Ronaldo become violent? In a friendly game of Real Madrid in England, the star of the round ball wounded an 11-year-old young bear in the arm. More Fear than evil

The least we can say is that the reputation of Cristiano Ronaldo has been hurting in recent weeks. we already revealed to you that Rihanna has expressed doubts about Cristiano Ronaldo’s sexual orientation, implying that he is gay, while he is officially in a relationship with a supermodel. Today, the Portuguese star did not take a new low blow in the back, but has itself inflicted a hell of a blow to a young supporter. Reassure yourself immediately, he did not do it voluntarily! During the friendly match between Real Madrid and Bournemouth (2nd English Division), the famous attacker opened the score for the Spanish club in the 22nd minute thanks to a breathtaking free kick, shot 30 meters from the opposing cage. This masterful shot was unfortunately preceded a few minutes earlier by another missile on the part of Ronaldo, who had finished his way into the bleachers, then injuring a present supporter.

And yes, Cristiano Ronaldo, who claimed that he would not go to Manchester United this summer, unwittingly broke the arm of a young English supporter of 11 years, who received as he could the shell launched by CR7! The DailyMail reports that the little boy still insisted on attending the end of the meeting, won 6-0 by the Madrid. That’s passion! The young victim confided in the Sun to bring back the real drama behind this rather amusing story: “I told the story to my friends and they do not believe me.” “Ronaldo, the most expensive player in the world, broke my arm!” That he reassures himself, he now has evidence to authenticate his injury. All the players of Real Madrid have signed a club jersey to make him forget his pain. And you can bet it’s the most effective way of healing! What do you think of this anecdote?

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