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Golden Ball 2013: Cristiano Ronaldo thinks he deserves it

Undeniably big favorite to get the Gold Ball 2013, Cristiano Ronaldo confided in the reasons that place him in pole position. He has a little lack of humility …

When Cristiano Ronaldo is asked why he deserves to raise the gold Ball Trophy 2013, one of the facets of the merengue winger’s personality can be discerned. The Portuguese star, who has already won this title in 2008, has in fact a little lack of reservation about its qualities. In a press conference, he judged himself to be the one who had to be a golden ball every year!

I am on the podium (of the Golden Ball, ed.) for six years, it is not a coincidence, he told the journalists present. “The numbers speak for themselves.” If I deserve to win it? Maybe, like last year or two years ago. I think I deserve to win the Golden Ball every year. I’d like to win it every time, but I know it doesn’t depend on me! ยป. And fortunately, because the suspense at the awards ceremonies would be sorely lacking in the appeal.

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