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Gold Ball 2013: A statistic gives Cristiano Ronaldo a winner!

Although it is impossible to know in advance who will raise the trophy, there are signs that do not deceive. And especially one in particular.

World Soccer Magazine treats, as its name implies, the news that revolves around the round ball. Since 2000, his writing has even decided to give his opinion on what she believes could be the best player in the world. So every year, World Soccer specialists get together to elect their fetish player. They delivered, in all, 14 names, each time before the designation of the Golden Ball. And it turned out that on 12 occasions the player they had chosen had become a golden ball.

This year, World Soccer felt that it was necessary to give Cristiano Ronaldo what was right for him. Journalists from all over the world have decided to award the title of best player on the planet to the Portuguese international of Real Madrid. A harbinger? Probably. In any case, the specialists were mistaken only twice in 14 Tests (en 2004 and 2010). On January 13th, we’ll know a lot more.

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