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Cristiano Ronaldo: “I was nonchalant” against Copenhagen

Record in the Champions League, Cristiano Ronaldo still took a shot at the morale against FC Copenhagen (0-2). He missed a penalty, and talked about his performance at the end of the game.

Qualified for the eighth finals of the Champions League, and undefeated in its version 2014, the Madrid are running at full throttle. Cristiano Ronaldo, back on the grounds facing Copenhagen (0-2) After his injury, allowed his family to complete their group phase perfectly. He even became the top scorer in the history of the pool matches in the European competition. On the other hand, he was upset that he missed a penalty.

I come back little by little … Said Cristiano Ronaldo in a press conference. “As I was stopped, I was struggling at first to take the rhythm.” I think I played well, even though it wasn’t my best game. I was nonchalant, but I helped with my goal and the most important is that the team won. Next Monday, the band at CR7 will know its future opponent for the eighths of the final. It’s a new big challenge for the Portuguese.

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