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Cristiano Ronaldo: The best jersey salesman in the world?

According to a marketing study, Cristiano Ronaldo’s jerseys sell better than any other player on the planet. I don’t like Lionel Messi.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s jersey orders flock from all sides. Whether they are red or full white, the tunics bearing the surname of the star of the round ball are worn by millions of supporters. This trend has been verified by a site specialized in financial analysis of the football environment. And you can clearly see that CR7 is the world’s best jersey salesman.

The site Futbol Finanzias is formal, the Portuguese international, captain of the Lusitanians, sells the most football shirts in the world. And this, before Lionel Messi, Mesut Özil, Wayne Rooney, Ibrahimovic … Everything else in fact. The real Madrid winger is a real textile industry on its own. A force of merchandising. The Madrid have always had great traders of this ilk, like Ronaldo, Zidane, or Beckham.

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