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Gold Ball 2013: Cristiano Ronaldo voted for Radamel Falcao!

All votes for the 2013 gold ball were made public by Fifa. As the captain of the Portuguese selection, Cristiano Ronaldo put his ballot in the urn. He voted for Radamel Falcao.

Led to participate in the votes, Cristiano Ronaldo could not give himself one more voice. So he had to make a choice between the 23 players selected. Sacred for the second time in his career in Zurich, the Golden Ball 2013 chose to vote for Radamel Falcao, the attacker of the ace Monaco. We can tell you the veracity of this information as Fifa has made public all the votes.

Today, looking for a bit on the official FIFA website, you will have the opportunity to know all the results of the votes for the gold Ball 2013. The 209 selected journalists, who were the same number as captains of selections and their coaches, therefore saw their choices published. The sport section of, throughout the day, you some of the most expected results. In the meantime, take the bets with your friends!

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