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Real Madrid: Cristiano Ronaldo is not the one who helped Bale the most

On his arrival at the Merengue, Gareth Bale apparently did not have the support that was expected from Cristiano Ronaldo. A new duo was formed with Luka Modric. tells you more.

It was hoped that the old biggest transfer of Real Madrid would welcome the new one. But in fact, Cristiano Ronaldo is not the most beautiful meeting of Gareth Bale. This summer, the Welsh international had fun with his ex-teammate from White Hart Lane Luko Modric. At Tottenham, the two players had forged a complicity they found on the side of Madrid.
Modric is the one who helped me the most, following our step at Tottenham, recognized the Merengue winger Gareth Bale during a sponsorship event with the Adidas brand. “He helped me a lot, he’s a great teammate.” He also gave me advice, which served me well. The spirit of the White House, tactical science, everything that Modric knew was taught to Welsh. We will tell you more if Bale reveals a little more behind the scenes of his landing in the Spanish capital.

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