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Cristiano Ronaldo will have to pay more than 60 000 euros for the sick child

Cristiano Ronaldo has a heart on his hand. The operation of Erik Cruz, a child suffering from a serious brain disease, will be paid by CR7. Portuguese will spend more than 60 000 euros.

As we announced in this section Sport de, Cristiano Ronaldo promised to help the mom of Erik Cruz, a 10-month-old baby who suffers from a serious brain disease. His cortical dysplasia causes him about 30 seizures per day. To put an end to the child’s ordeal, the Real Madrid winger confirmed that he was going to pay for his operation. To date, the total amount of the intervention is not known. Here’s what we know today.

According to Reuters, Cruz’s family has to pay 6000 euros for every check carried out at the hospital, in order to calm the effects of this disease on their baby. Also, the surgical operation is estimated at 60 000 euros. The Portuguese international striker assured that he would give his pocket the amount necessary to change Erik’s life, with the Cruz not having enough savings. This is not the first time that CR7 showed generosity: in 2012, he had helped the entourage of a 9-year-old child to pay for his cancer treatment.

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