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World 2014: Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo is at “99.9%”

Cristiano Ronaldo still has a few days before entering the world 2014. Portugal will indeed play its first match against Germany next Monday. For now, the lights are green for CR7.

The preparation match won by Portugal against the Inlance (5-1) made the doubts about the not of Cristiano Ronaldo disappear. He who had not yet played a friendly meeting with his selection partners therefore reassured a whole people. He will indeed be the spearhead of the band at Pepe during the Brazilian world. CR7 will start the competition next Monday against Germany (6 pm French time), for one of the shocks of this World Cup.
In press conference, Cristiano Ronaldo claimed that he was at “99.9%” of his physical form. There are still several days left in Madrid to get back on its feet before the opening of the Portuguese world. Far from being spared by the wounds during the end of the season of La Liga (thigh and knee), CR7 will have to avoid a maximum of blows not to plunge. A custodian of the offensive game of his team, the captain will be at heart to show the way of success in the land of Cariocas.

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