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Real Madrid: There is a lack of “mental energy” according to Ancelotti

Carlo Ancelotti is digging his head to try to understand what was missing from his Real Madrid during his failed trip to Valladolid (1-1). It seems that it is the psychological side of the Merengue that has flinched.

The end of the season of Real Madrid is a bit similar to the one that the Chelsea Blues live in. In pain, the merengues only succeed in picking up zero matches, regardless of the opponent’s level. After two meetings for so many points achieved, one can logically ask the question of the fatigue accumulated in the ranks of the club coached by Carlo Ancelotti. And yet the Italian tactician sees another reason. Apparently, the last game against Valladolid (1-1) reminded him that his team was not mentally unflappable.
“We have lost control, but I do not think it is an attitude problem,” said the former MTP technician in a press conference. “I think the players played well, but the end of the game was really complicated.” It is mainly the mental energy that we missed tonight and against Valencia Sunday (2-2). Unable to keep his advantage to the brand in front of Valladolid, Real has let his opponents rise in power without being able to canvass the offensives. There are two matches left before the Liga verdict. If Barca wins his two dates, he will be a champion.

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