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Real Madrid: Ancelotti does not want to “spread” Cristiano Ronaldo

Will Carlo Ancelotti line up Cristiano Ronaldo for the Copa del Rey final in front of FC Barcelona on Wednesday evening (9.30 p.m.)? The verdict will only be made on the day even if the Italian tactician of Real Madrid is believed.

If Cristiano Ronaldo is not summoned for the Copa del Rey final on Wednesday evening at the Mestalla Stadium in Valencia (9.30 p.m.), Carlo Ancelotti will be able to recover. It is in any case what he suggested to the journalists of a Spanish daily, who questioned the health of the master to play Portuguese. To make it simple, the Italian technician of Real Madrid does not want to run the risk of aggravating the medical problems of his player, but argues that his team can get out without CR7.
“It progresses every day, I do not dismiss it, but we will not take any risks,” said the former MTP coach to some members of the editorial of the media El Mundo. “If it is not in shape, the system will not change.” The players are convinced and comfortable. They have faith. (…) We will always regret Cristiano, but the players do not say “Oh my God!” What are we going to do without him? ยป. In any way, it is not the White House that is at risk, but Barca, which suffered in the same week a elimination in the Champions League, and a fifth defeat in La Liga.

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