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PSG: The future Cristiano Ronaldo soon?

With only 10 appearances in the first team at Sporting Lisbon, Carlos mane is not yet in the category of cracks. But this promising 20-year-old striker would have already won the PSG.

Journalists who carefully scrutinize the Liga Sagres, the Portuguese professional Championship, are beginning to learn about a kid named Carlos Mane. Trained at Sporting Lisbon, this 20-year-old Lusitanian made his debut in the Grand Bath this season (10 appearances for 2 goals), already displaying a serenity in his shots and choices. The one that some people call “the new Cristiano Ronaldo” must however prove itself. The PSG would like to offer him a chance to shine in Europe.
According to the editorial of the British daily Daily Mail, Carlos Mane would currently be supervised by the head hunters of the Francilien club. But the player is still under contract until 2018 with the Lisboètes, which could significantly increase the cost of a possible transfer. Paris, if any, would therefore rather be led to disburse millions for a confirmed player … And from a career point of view, Mane should rather repeat his ranges in Liga Sagres before interacting with international stars in PSG.

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