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Final League of Champions 2014: Why Real Madrid can win according to Cristiano Ronaldo

After ensuring that his first Champions League final with Real Madrid will be “special”, Cristiano Ronaldo explained why his club had a chance to pick up his “Decima”.

An exciting, panting, historic, and ‘ special ‘ match, as Cristiano Ronaldo would say. The final of the Champions League version 2014, between Real Madrid and Atlético, has all the elements to offer a show that we have been waiting for a year. This first meeting between two clubs in the same city will usher in a new era. The revival of the Colchoneros, or the supremacy of the Merengue collective. In Lisbon, next Saturday (45), CR7 will participate in its first final of C1 with Real. Nothing to stress.
The captain of the Portuguese selection is confident of the device set up by Carlo Ancelotti, and remember that his partners are in confidence. “We are a team that can go very quickly,” said Cristiano Ronaldo during an interview given to journalists of the official UEFA website. “In four or five touches of bullets, we can end up in front of the opposing goal.” It’s a team that scores a lot of goals, and a team that people like to see evolve. I think we are appreciated because we have a direct style, full of qualities and full of aesthetics

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