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Final League of Champions 2014: the pact between Cristiano Ronaldo and his brother, an invention of the media?

A completely false story. It is thus described, in the pages of the Spanish daily as, the rumor of a pact between Cristiano Ronaldo and his brother on the occasion of the final of the Champions League 2014.

One week in a day to day, the final of the 2014 Champions League is always about her. If yesterday we reported that the celebration of Cristiano Ronaldo after his goal on penalty was nothing spontaneous, today we put an end to the crazy rumor that connects the Portuguese star to his brother. Remember this end of the game image. Ronaldo fell into the arms of a man-whose identity was unknown, before inviting him on the lawn and offering him his jersey … Last Wednesday, the Spanish daily El Mundo taught us that it was Hugo Aveiro, the brother of Cristiano, and that the two men had entered into a pact. Before the kickoff of the final between Real and Atlético, Hugo-who suffers from an addiction to alcohol-would have promised CR7 to stop drinking if the Merengues won the cup with the big ears. A rumor that quickly went around the world. But according to the daily as, this story would be completely bogus and Hugo would even consider taking legal action.

The story could have been beautiful for Cristiano Ronaldo: A victory, a goal and a loved one saved from his addiction to alcohol. A subject to which the Golden Ball 2013 holds especially, he who lost his father in 2005, died of a liver tumor caused by … alcohol. And if the rumor around this pact spread so quickly and was taken seriously, it is because the Portuguese is also known for being a great man outside the land. Author of many humanitarian donations, Ronaldo is also close to sick children. In 2012, Cristiano had in particular agreed to take over the treatment of a 9-year-old child with cancer, which the parents of the young person could not pay. In the end, what is true and sure is that the Madrid beat the record of goals in the Champions League.

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