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Champions League 2014: Real Madrid-Bayern Munich, show assured!

The chance placed real Madrid on the road to Bayern Munich, turning this semi-final of Champions league into a real shock. Two goal machines will face each other.

On 23 and 29 April 2014, the history of the Champions League would write a new page with the double confrontation of Real Madrid and Bayern Munich on the occasion of the semi-finals. If the other poster between Atlético Madrid and Chelsea is dreaming, one could not wait for a better opposition with the forces in presence. Two Armadas in full confidence will be faced to glean a cup with big ears that will have, moreover, for each, a different meaning.
Almost 15 years after AC Milan, the Bavarians also want to make a double in C1. In 1989 and 1990, the Milanese had succeeded in this feat never reiterated since this fast period of the Italian club. This season, Bayern has the weapons to get there, they who have scored the trifle of 23 goals in this season of Champions League. Like the Merengue, the German club suffered only one defeat. However, he would face a Real with the brilliant statistics, with his 31 achievements in 10 meetings. The men of Carlo Ancelotti are not assured to do the show thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo, uncertain because of a double injury to the thigh and knee.

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