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World Cup 2014: Cristiano Ronaldo, Rihanna is a fan!

In this holy month for football fans, some players benefit from unexpected support. So, following the defeat of Portugal yesterday, Cristiano Ronaldo was able to count on the encouragement of Rihanna!

In this World Cup 2014, Ronaldo nevertheless wanted to give himself to 100% against Germany. Portugal however tilted 4-0 opposite an impeccable opponent. If of course, everything is not finished for the Portuguese selection, Cristiano Ronaldo has surely badly conceded this defeat. But it’s not to mention the unwavering support of a crazy round-ball artist. Rihanna, who never hid her passion for football, broke yesterday with a message to the attention of the Portuguese game leader on his Twitter account. A gesture that will surely have the merit of cheering Ronaldo up.
It is therefore assiduous that Rihanna (whose brother launches in rap) follows this World Cup. And like all the supporters of the world, the beautiful Barbadian has its favorites. So when Portugal bows, it’s up to the captain of the selection that Huey sends his tweet. “My poor baby Ronaldo!” regrets the singer on her account. But that Rihanna, already godmother of a football team, the Roselea football Club of Sydney, reassures, there remain 2 matches of hen to the Portuguese selection to catch up. Welcome support?

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