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World Cup 2014: Cristiano Ronaldo was “fit” according to his breeder

Accustomed to evolving in the light, Cristiano Ronaldo lived a dark period during his Brazilian world. The Portuguese international was yet totally fit to play according to its coach Paulo Bento.

The leaders of Real Madrid are persuaded that the fall in form of Cristiano Ronaldo at the World 2014 is closely related to his knee problems. Several specialists of the round ball join this opinion, which greatly discredits Paulo Bento, the breeder of Portugal. To defend himself, the tactician, far from being a fan of the ostrich policy, affirmed loudly that CR7 was not at best when he recovered it. But apparently, things have improved over the course of training.
Concerned about the well-being of his player, Paulo Bento gave all the explanations to the direction of Real Madrid. “I never thought about putting Cristiano Ronaldo in the forefront because I think this is not his best position in selection,” said Selecçao’s coach on TVI. “He is not comfortable in this position, we have talked about it.” His physical condition? When he arrived he was not at 100% but then he was always able to train and play. He made efforts and sacrifices but was clinically operational. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have played it. It has not undergone any form of pressure to accelerate its recovery

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