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World Cup 2014: Cristiano Ronado criticized by IBA!

Ghostly, Cristiano Ronaldo did not panic the opposing defenses during the group phase of the World Cup 2014. The ancient glory of Brazil, IBA, criticized the performance of CR7 in the world.

Unlike the Americans, Portugal was probably tensed by the stakes of its 2014 World Cup: to extricate itself from the death squad. The Selecçao was eliminated from the first round, logically, from Overbelieve. The Master to play Lusitanians, Cristiano Ronaldo, who did not visibly play at 100% because of a remainder of the knee injury, disappointed his audience, but also IBA, former star of Brazil. The former Number 10 did not do much of the Portugal, and criticized CR7.

Unfortunately, the Portuguese arrived at the world with a limited and dependent team of Cristiano Ronaldo, wrote Iba on his official website. “He’s a great player but he doesn’t have the profile to lead a team, to be decisive.” A non-standard player, yes. But a leader: surely not. Portuguese has two years to prepare for the best before the Euro 2016, and to silence the former Brazilian international. Before starting his sixth season at Real Madrid, the winger is going to have to settle his knee problems, which apparently posed him some worries in the country of the Cariocas. Yesterday, Costa Rica qualified for the quarterfinals of the World Cup 2014! What do you think of IBA critics? 

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