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Real Madrid: Transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo, the surprise of Manchester supporters

Next Saturday, around 4 pm, in the sky of the Madrigal Stadium of Villarreal, Cristiano Ronaldo should see how much Manchester United fans want him to make his comeback. A seduction operation is being prepared.

Last season, the sport writing of had already told you about a group of diehard supporters of Manchester United, ready to do anything to defend their heart club. They were the ones who had disbursed thousands of euros for an airplane to pass a farewell message to David Moyes, former manager of the Red Devils. Well this year, this same process should be used to persuade Cristiano Ronaldo to return to the Premier League
According to the journalists of the Daily Mirror, a banner “Go Home Ronaldo” will be visible in the sky of the Madrigal at 4 pm, Saturday, during the meeting between Real Madrid and Villarreal. This action that would have cost 4000 euros to English fans will undoubtedly smile at the Portuguese star. The initiators of this communication project simply want it to make him think about his future.

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