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Lionel Messi is “better than Cristiano Ronaldo” according to Henry

In an interview with the BBC, Thierry Henry claimed his admiration for Leo Messi, better according to him than Cristiano Ronaldo.

New episode in the series “who from Messi or Ronaldo is the strongest?” And it was Thierry Henry the legendary French striker who came to put his little grain of salt. Questioned by the BBC, “Titi” has a clear-cut opinion on the question: “Messi is the best player in the world.” But I respect all the work Cristiano Ronaldo has done for this sport. He had to work very hard to get to that level. I am not saying that Messi does not work hard but he has more talent, it is even more natural. They have the same mindset, but that’s the difference. Thierry Henry who played alongside Messi under the FC Barcelona jersey is well acquainted with his former teammate: Messi is a monster of nature. “It’s good for children to see someone who has a gift and another who succeeds with his enormous work.” After being criticized by Maradona, this is a testimony that should please Leo Messi. 
Thierry Henry has an unbounded admiration for Lionel Messi. And if his season was relatively difficult, Leo managed to bring Argentina to the World Cup final by scoring 4 goals. If the title of best player in the competition awarded by Fifa is legitimately challenged, it is undeniable that Messi remains an indispensable player, both in the national team and FC Barcelona. Do you think Messi is stronger than CR7?

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