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Irina Shayk refuses to be on display with Cristiano Ronaldo!

Currently in full contact with Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo is unanimous among the observers. Nevertheless, his companion Irina Shayk does not seem willing to occupy the poster with CR7!

In the last news, Cristiano Ronaldo had just beaten a new record, as you Author of 15 goals in 7 games of Liga, CR7 performs a season beginning of the most thunderous. After being brilliantly illustrated on the grounds, we learned that the Portuguese star was the first athlete to cross the course of the 100 million fans on Facebook. Today, Ronaldo has such a aura that one would imagine a day at the Hollywood movie poster. However, this perspective seems hardly enchanting his girlfriend Irina Shayk.
Regarding a possible collaboration with his beloved Ronaldo at the cinema, Irina Shayk told the Russian magazine Sobesdinik: “Turn with me?” This is a question that should be asked, but my share, I can not imagine being on the poster of a movie with him. I don’t want to. It would still be strange to play the comedy with The Man You love. These statements should not, however, upset a CR7, which is certainly more comfortable on the grounds than in front of the camera … What do you mean? … In the meantime, we invite you to review the statements of Toni Kroos about Cristiano Ronaldo. What do you think of Irina Shayk’s statements?

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