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Gold Ball 2014: Who are the favorites?

Every year the Golden Ball rewards the best football player of the past year.Since yesterday, we have known the list of 23 nominees for the 2014 Gold Ball. A trophy which, since 1956, rewards the one who has best succeeded in making his team shine by his talent, his sense of purpose, his mind of champion, his ability to make better those around him … and to win titles of course. A reward that will catalyze the aura of a player through the history of football, and register it with the heritage of this sport. Sometimes the award of the Golden Ball does not suffer any protest, as was the case with Lionel Messi between 2009 and 2012, during which time the Argentine genius and his team Barcelona have made the whole planet dream with their shimmering game. Other times, it is prone to more criticism, as in 2006, year when the Italian defender world champion Fabio Cannavaro won the Grail in the nose and beard of a Thierry Henry World Cup finalist and at the top of his art with Arsenal. The difference was played in the titles, the Italian still having the merit of being the captain of the champions of Italy and the world …

This competition has also seen the French shine in the past. Raymond Kopa (1958), Michel Platini (1985, 1986, 1987), Jean-Pierre Papin (1991), and obviously Zinédine Zidane (1998) brought the colours of our beloved country high. Unfortunately, the possibilities of seeing a Frenchman named the world’s best player are weak this year. Despite a good World Cup and the fact that he is the leading attacker of Real Madrid (perhaps the best club in the world right now), Karim Benzema does not yet shine enough to claim the title. Paul POBGA, the second Frenchman represented in the list of 23 of this year and voted best Young of the last World Cup, is still too tender and irregular. For his part, Franck Ribery, 3rd in the ranking last year, was squarely discarded and is thus one of the 10 unfortunates who were not retained in the list of the contenders to the gold Ball 2014.

This year, World Cup obliges, the most serious contenders are on the side of Germany. With 6 nominees, they have the most chance of winning the title anyway. And despite the astonishing Thomas Müller and the best right rear of the world Philipe Lahm, it is above all the impressive goalkeeper Manuel Neuer who made a very strong impression this year. The doorman of Bayern shares favorite, but the title could be disputed by Cristiano Ronaldo (that Karim Benzema already sees Golden Ball): Despite a failed World Cup, the Portuguese is European champion with his Real Madrid and no longer ends up beating records Like to stack goals (already 16 in 8 league games). Finally, among the potential winners, we can cite Lionel Messi, despite a last season undermined by injuries and some important services in half-tint (World Cup final). The one who was voted the best player of the last World Cup and who has enrolled practically all the goals of Argentina to bring it in the final will still have his say this year. Special Mention to Angel Di Maria, best player of the beginning of the year 2014, but that seems to be indented compared to the big favorites … After Lev Yechine en 1963, will Manuel Neuer be the second keeper of the story to win the Golden Ball?

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