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FIFA 15: Ronaldo, Benzema, Rodriguez, Bale, Kroos … the best compo of Real

FIFA 15: Ronaldo, Benzema, Rodriguez, Bale, Kroos

The Real Madrid of Carlo Ancelotti will have, once is not custom, one of the best composing on the game-video FIFA 15.

The fans of Real Madrid as a whole were most certainly the first thrills of the five-star recruitment operated by Florentino Perez during the summer Mercato 2014. Fans of Real Madrid on the game-video FIFA also had to lick their chops at the idea of making their team composition on the new opus of the franchise of EA Sports: FIFA 15. Now that this long-awaited FIFA 15 is in the bins, the time has come to the editorial games-video of to present you the best possible compo of Real Madrid on the game. First post and already first debate: are we keeping Iker Casillas, criticized by the supporters of the Real, in the cages of the Casa Blanca? Yes, of course. The legendary Iberian goalkeeper is rated 84 while his competitor Keylor Navas only reaches “only” 79. First defensive rampart secured.

Dani Carvajal must occupy the right flank of the defense. Side at 79, he has more chest and speed than his compatriot Arbeloa. The pair Sergio Ramos (87) – Pepe (83), with experience, is rerouted in the axis. Marcelo (82) completes this quartet. An orphan of Xabi Alonso and Di Maria, the composition of Real Madrid is nonetheless very offensively provided. The creators Luka Modric (87) and Toni Kroos (85), who are among the best gamers, are placed in a central setting. In this 4-5-1, the added value of Real Madrid takes shape in this line of three: Gareth Bale (87), James Rodriguez (86) and Cristiano Ronaldo (92). Speed and percussion will be on the program. To further the whole, Karim Benzema – scorer and passer with the team of France – and his average of 85 occupy the Madrid point. Do you have another composition idea for Real Madrid on FIFA 15?

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