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Cristiano Ronaldo: Toni Kroos the Incense!

The German international of Real Madrid Toni Kroos has perfectly succeeded in exporting his talent out of the borders of the Bundesliga. In the Spanish championship he proved a great ability to adapt.

Proud to evolve under the colors of a historical club and that reconnects with success at European level, Toni Kroos has great ambitions in Real Madrid. This title thirst perfectly sticks to its character, much like Cristiano Ronaldo. Besides, the two stars are very fond of each other, and get along beautifully on the Santiago Bernabeu lawn. The 2014 world champion gave its feel on CR7.
“I don’t think there are any better players in the world than Cristiano Ronaldo,” said Toni Kroos during a long interview given to journalists of the German daily Die Welt. “Especially from the beginning, he’s one of the players who got close to me.” He’s a nice guy. CR7 is therefore not the type to remain in its golden bubble, and wants to ensure that each Madrid set up a dialogue. And obviously, the communication works well in the ranks of Carlo Ancelotti.

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