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Cristiano Ronaldo more influential than Messi in the media

Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi continue their duel away from the grounds. Thus, a study firm analyzed the media impact of the two stars of the round ball. On arrival, it is CR7 who wins the bet!

A few days earlier, Lionel Messi claimed that there was no competition with Cristiano Ronaldo, as you recounted. Nevertheless, some observers take a good pleasure in putting them in opposition. A recent study by the firm decision was aimed at evaluating the media impact of the world’s greatest athletes. We find that the first two places are, once again, occupied by Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo!

The first step of the podium is for Cristiano Ronaldo! Indeed, the Portuguese would have generated 741 969 articles about it since the beginning of 2014. Second of this ranking, Lionel Messi posts 599 115 articles on the same period, ie nearly 150 000 items less than CR7! Once again, Ronaldo won the media battle against the Pulga. Decidedly, everything seems to go like clockwork for a Cristiano Ronaldo who forms the best duo of the C1 with Benzema. What do you think about this info?

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