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Cristiano Ronaldo: Manchester United could give up

A source close to Manchester United told the Daily Mail that CR7 was too expensive for his club, and that the risk to be taken would be too great.

Will come, won’t come? Today is the last option that seems most likely after the confidences at the Daily Mail from a source close to Manchester United, claiming that Cristiano Ronaldo is “too expensive”. According to the same source, Manchester would find that the sum that would cost a return of CR7 would be too high, or even prohibitive for a player who will celebrate his 30th birthday in February. Last week, an info said that in 2013, during the aborted transfer of Ronaldo to the Red Devils, the player’s representatives had requested a salary of 25 million euros per year, added to the transfer price which was then of 76 million euros and Dust. This same source entrusted: “Ronaldo will always be loved here.” But if you look at these sums and their age, then you have to wonder if it can really work. We are not sure.
Manchester is always convinced that his best chance has passed. In 2013, the club was very close to bring back his prodigy but the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson among others overtook the case and CR7 had signed a new contract with Real until 2018. Leaving little leeway for Manchester United that missed There’s a golden opportunity. But we know that in football, anything can happen. Do you think Ronaldo is too expensive?

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