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Cristiano Ronaldo: “It reflects sadness and must recover from joy”

A few days from the Clasico Real-Barca, the statements go well on the side of the observers. Thus, a religious Argentine pro-Barca held ungracious remarks against Cristiano Ronaldo!

This Wednesday, Real Madrid imposed 3-0 on the Liverpool lawn in the Champions League, as you recounted Among the scorers of this meeting, of course is the inevitable Cristiano Ronaldo who illustrated himself on a realization in the 23rd minute. In the form of his life, Portuguese makes a lot of talk about the pro-Barcelonas as we approach the Clasico of Saturday … And not just any of them! Indeed, sister Caram, an Argentine nun, expressed vehemently about CR7!
A fervent supporter of Barca and Lionel Messi, sister Caram was somewhat unleashed about Ronaldo. For her, the Golden Ball 2013 is “cheeky and arrogant”. Moreover, it adds that it “makes sorrow, it reflects sadness, it is bitter.” “He has a terrible ego, he lacks humility and must recover from joy.” As a conclusion, sister Caram states that “not being for Barca is caught” … We’ll let you judge. In the meantime, we invite you to review the recent statements of Carlo Ancelotti on Cristiano Ronaldo. What do you think of these statements?

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