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Cristiano Ronaldo “is like Ibra” for Laurent Blanc

Yesterday in press conference, Laurent Blanc was interrogated on Ibrahimovic, always wounded. For the PSG coach, Ibra has the same influence as Cristiano Ronaldo within his team.

This comparison is not going to please everyone. Nevermind, Laurent Blanc compared Cristiano Ronaldo, who is favorite for the Golden Ball according to Benzema with Ibrahimovic. Interviewed yesterday in a press conference about the Ibrahimovic, besides the package for the reception of Monaco, the former central defender of the team of France was first obliged to re-establish a truth: when you are deprived of the ball, you play differently. But we do not forget the value of the other players. It is said that a PSG with Ibrahimovic is a great of Europe and that without it the value of the other players becomes very inferior, when in reality their value does not depend on Ibra. ยป. On his best player, White puts a layer on his influence on the team in the image of a certain … Cristiano Ronaldo: Ibra is Ibra and if you look at the past season and the one before, he is like Cristiano Ronaldo in Madrid. While I insist on the fact that the rest of his teammates is no worse off without him on the ground. 
About the injury of his player, White assured: “I am not worried.” Throughout a career, sometimes you get hurt, and that’s what happens to him today. “It’s his 15th season and there’s nothing abnormal about it.” These are words that should not fail to reassure Parisian fans. Tonight is Cavani again who will have the keys to the truck. Do you agree with Laurent Blanc?

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