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Cristiano Ronaldo is already thinking about his next Golden Ball

The Portuguese international Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo expects January 2015 eagerly. It was on that date that he wanted to win his third gold ball.

Cristiano Ronaldo is never satiated. His thirst for victory never seems to be quenching. For the record, Real Madrid’s star winger recently reported that he was thinking about the next Golden Ball ceremony in January. He is certainly not obsessed by this price, but he knows in any case that his chances are great. However, Lionel Messi has enough to defend himself, who has arrived in the final of the World Cup this summer.
The Golden Ball does not stop me from sleeping, said Cristiano Ronaldo at his recent press conference with the Portuguese selection. “People who vote, coaches and captains have time to think and decide who is the best.” I will not be hypocritical, of course I would like to win a third gold ball but it does not depend on me. I will continue to do my best and we’ll see it in January.

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