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Cristiano Ronaldo: His transfer would cost 150 million euros in Manchester

According to the Daily Mail Manchester United should spend about 150 million euros (transfer + salary) to have Cristiano Ronaldo sign a 4-year contract.

The Golden Ball is expensive, very expensive … Manchester knows it well and could give up the Ronaldo track. The fault of the Portuguese who, a year ago, renewed his contract with Real Madrid, multiplying the price of a possible transfer. According to the Daily Mail, Manchester United is not ready to break his piggy bank (a transfer that would cost the club about 150 million euros) to make Ronaldo come back. The club is resentful and wants its former player not only to renew his contract with Real but also to have rejected an offer from Manchester United a year ago. In high places it is considered that spending such a sum would not be worth it for a player who will celebrate his 30th birthday in February. CR7 could reduce his salary claims to 380 000 euros per week, but that will not push Manchester to make a move.
Real Madrid would ask for 76 million euros to separate from Cristiano Ronaldo. And this would add a 4-year contract for 380 000 euros per week. So Manchester United should be paying close to 150 million euros for Cristiano Ronaldo. What’s more, the extravagant madness of Manchester this year, (272 million euros spent in one year) leaves little liquidity to the Red devils who still hope that Real gives up his player at a lower price, and that Cristiano significantly decreases his requirements Wage. Nothing is won. Do you think that Ronaldo is worth 150 million euros?

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