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Cristiano Ronaldo: His incredible quadruple face in Elche

Cristiano Ronaldo hit a very big shot by signing a quadruple last night in front of Elche (5-1). The whimsical Portuguese shows how indispensable it is to Real Madrid … and certainly the best player on the planet at the moment.

This time there is no photo! While the duel Messi-Ronaldo ignited the debates of round balloon enthusiasts for years, it seems that Cristiano Ronaldo is taking a step ahead of his rival Barcelonais. Indeed, already author of 22 triplets all competitions confused (including 20 in La Liga), a total already frankly ruffling, CR7 hit even harder last night. He signed an incredible quadruple that sent Real Madrid to the top and Elche in the seventh basement (5-1). No more triplets, Ronaldo has risen to the top speed in front of Elche! This is the third time Ronaldo scored four goals in the same game under the Madrid colors. Certainly, his two achievements on penalty have helped him well … But the performance is nonetheless impressive. Moreover, the last time the whimsical Portuguese had succeeded such a feat, it was three years ago!
We already knew that Cristiano Ronaldo was the king of the Triplets and had historical records of Real in sight … But if the Iberian and mainland opponents of Real are now accustomed to seeing the Lusitanian crush their defense and succeed the hats, it was FC Sevilla who had been the last club to be the victim of a quadruple of CR7. In May 2011, the Real crushed the Andalusian club 6 goals at 2, and CR7 planted 4 pawns that impressed more than ever the observers. Last night, Elche added to the hunting board of the fearsome Portuguese machine. A quadruple and impressive performance that legitimizes more than ever the Golden Ball received by Madeira’s Child last December … We await the shepherd’s response to the shepherdess of Messi, the superstar of FC Barcelona, tonight in Malaga at 10 pm! Did Ronaldo take a lead on Messi in your eyes?

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