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Cristiano Ronaldo: His agent assures that he will complete his career at Real

Jorge Mendes, the agent of Cristiano closed the door to any transfer of his foal to less than 1 billion euros, the price of his discharged clause.

Will this statement put an end to the rumours of Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Manchester? In any case, she puts a serious brake on it. Indeed, it is not Cristiano in person who spoke but his agent, Jorge Mendes, who gave an interview to Ace. “Cristiano is very happy in Madrid, and he has always been happy.” “He will beat all the records that there is to beat in the Merengue club and he will retire here.” The records he knows and Cristiano Ronaldo has just beaten one last week. Jorge Mendes adds a layer: He has the love of Manchester United because his heart was there for 6 years and he respects many supporters who show him their affection but he is with his club to life to death and with the supporters Madrid. “He only thinks of Madrid and will always stay here.” Hard to be more convincing.
As for the contacts between Manchester United and Cristiano Ronaldo, Jorge Mendes simply denies them: “I have not received any phone calls because people know that they are impossible to snatch Cristiano from Real Madrid, and so it is not worth calling me” For him. ” The reporter from as then comes to the price of the transfer, and the agent’s response is very clear: “It costs the price of its starting clause, IE 1 billion euros”. If we detect a little bit of wood language in the words of Jorge Mendes, it remains difficult to imagine an upcoming departure from Ronaldo. Do you think Cristiano Ronaldo will finish his career at Real?

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