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Cristiano Ronaldo: He charisma James Rodriguez after a small bridge

The most expensive transfer of the summer, James Rodriguez learns at his expense that the star of the team remains Cristiano Ronaldo!

Thrill of the Brazilian world, recruited at gold price by Real Madrid (90 million euros, the record of this summer), James Rodriguez learns gently but surely star life among the stars within the Casa Blanca. And today, it is Cristiano Ronaldo who is responsible for the teaser by inflicting a small bridge on a toro. Proud of his gesture, the Portuguese exults through a demonstrative joy. Maybe Cristiano Ronaldo wants revenge on James Rodriguez for stealing his place as the sexiest Man of the Year 2014 …

A few weeks ago, Real Madrid chained a second consecutive defeat in the league, and the faces were more tense. Fortunately, things have been better since then. The most successful club of the Champions League has just chained 4 successes in a row in the championship, as evidenced by the victory 2-0 of real Madrid against Villareal in La Liga, for a real that continues its momentum. With a decisive passer Benzema, a Cristiano Ronaldo who no longer finishes scoring goals (10 in 5 games played), a supersonic Gareth Bale and a coherent and creative midfielder Kroos-Modric-Rodriguez, this Real Madrid continues to scare the rest of football Europe … and to Decomplex during training. Do you think that James Rodriguez has been well integrated into the Real Madrid workforce?

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