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Cristiano Ronaldo: Great Moment of solitude with Irina Shayk

Everything was going well for Cristiano Ronaldo, guest last night by the Liga BBVA, who was organizing a ceremony to award the Premios for the 2013-2014 season. The Portuguese international, which won three trophies during the evening, has, however, erased its smile when the presenter Eva axe aroused the jealousy of her sweet, Irina Shayk. CR7 is warned, you mustn’t laugh at everything in the presence of his wife.

Known for her humour, Eva axe hastened to drop a few spades at Cristiano Ronaldo, present that evening. According to her, the Lusitanian is the man she saw “most times in underwear”, as well as “best shaved”. Enough to make the main person laugh. What did Irina think? Watch the video above, and browse there from 2 minutes, and you’ll get your answer. In any case, the drafting of had a different reaction from the Russian model.

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