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Cristiano Ronaldo favorite for the Golden Ball according to Benzema!

Asked about Telefooting, Karim Benzema confided that Cristiano Ronaldo was his favorite to win the Golden Ball, a second consecutive time.

This morning, in the television show on TF1, Karim Benzema has been much spilled on his teammate Cristiano Ronaldo, whom he places as a favorite in the Gold Ball race 2014. “For the Golden Ball, I’ll put it in number one on the season he made,” for me, he is the best player, he explains, before adding: “Cristiano is attracted to the goal, he scores tons of goals, it’s good for us, at Real we make passes” , we’re trying to combine together, but I wouldn’t say I’m sacrificing for him, I’m playing football.
While we will find the two stars together for the Real Madrid – Athletic Bilbao of tonight, they will also be found as opponents under their national colors. Indeed, France-Portugal, for which the selection was unveiled, which is held next Saturday will be the opportunity of Benzegoal to confront his teammates Madrid Ronaldo, Pepe and Coentrao: “This match, we talked a little bit about both, it’s going to be difficult,” “Even if it’s friendly, I hope he won’t play (smile), but if he plays, it’s going to be hard to stop him.” Do you think that Cristiano Ronaldo will win the Golden Ball this year?

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