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Cristiano Ronaldo could have played Arsenal!

According to the French manager of Arsenal Arsène Wenger, Cristiano Ronaldo was close to signing at the Gunners in 2003, before he left for Manchester United.

When he looks back, Arsène Wenger has a lot of regrets about his career as a manager. On the Arsenal Gunners ‘ bench since 1996, the French tactician has experienced moments of glory, and periods of scarcity. Also, he did not forget the year 2003, when he could have gotten the signature of a certain Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese gem was apparently close to engaging with Londoners. 
Before choosing Manchester United, the Portuguese star had the opportunity to make his first League debut in the ranks of the Gunners. It was Arsène Wenger, in person, who had contacted him at the time. The French coach recalled this moment during an interview given to the communication managers of Huawai (Arsenal sponsor). “I was so close to having Cristiano Ronaldo sign.” Now not only did I not have it, but he signed up to Manchester United. It’s still hurting today.

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