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Cristiano Ronaldo beats a new record!

By scoring his 15th goal of the season in La Liga, Cristiano Ronaldo beat an old record dating back to … 1943.

Yesterday, during the victory of Real Madrid facing Levante (5-0), Cristiano Ronaldo brought down a new record with Real Madrid. This time the Portuguese has tackled the record of the greatest number of goals scored at the beginning of the season. So yesterday he scored his 14th and 15th goals in just 7 days. It goes beyond a Echeverria unit that had established its record … 71 years. Nothing seems to be able to stop CR7 (if not Mandanda). With Real this season, Cristiano holds an impressive average of 2.14 goals per game. Another statistic that has its importance, the former Manchester United player is excellent in the exercise of penalties with 93% success. What are the goals for the season’s record? 
Despite these incredible figures, Cristiano Ronaldo, the savior of Portugal is not alone at the top and he still has in line a certain Lionel Messi who, with 50 goals, holds the absolute record of goals in LA Liga over a season. Today, however, the Portuguese has a total of 15 goals, while his date has marked “only” 10. We are looking forward to their duel at the Clasico. Do you think CR7 will beat Messi’s record?

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