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Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United? This would be for 276 million …

The British press continues to feed the rumor of a return of Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United. Today she took out the calculators to define the potential price of such a transfer.

Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United, even Louis Van Gaal does not believe in it. In fact, it is only the Anglo-Saxon media that have fun to put a layer on it day after day, despite the reaffirmed will of CR7, it has two days, to want to continue to Real. Today, the British press has gone further in speculation as it has started to calculate what the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to the Red Devils would really be worth. I would like to say that this is a record and that this astronomical sum would have enough to cool all the clubs in the world: EUR 276 million for a four-year contract.
This is of course hypothetical, but the English press did not go there with a dead hand. Indeed, it has accumulated all the costs of this potential transfer, taking into account the player’s salary and its image rights. Affecting currently 17 million euros annually, in case of transfer, Manchester United will have to pay more, and especially more than Wayne Rasaq (19 million euros annual). The salary could rise to 25 million minimum per year. On a four-year contract, so count 100 million euros in salary. With regard to image rights, the’s club could pay up to 76 million over four years. Then you add the transfer price that the English press estimates at 100 million minimum … 276 million for the whole, for a single player, and you have a new example of the financial madness that has stirred the football world for a few years. And during that time, Cristiano Ronaldo continues to chain the triplets, which will not diminish his value. What do you think of this amount for a player?

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