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Cristiano Ronaldo as Sir Alex Ferguson called him

The Metro newspaper reveals that Sir Alex Ferguson called Cristiano Ronaldo last week to try to convince him to come back to Manchester. Stating that the club was willing to access its salary demands.

Manchester United doesn’t seem to want to let Critsiano Ronaldo go. At any price. It is in any case what can be inferred from the information revealed by Metro. According to the newspaper, Sir Alex Ferguson, the former coach of Manchester United would have called Cristiano Ronaldo last week to convince him to come back. Is this call likely to succeed? The affection of the two men is known. CR7 never misses an opportunity to thank the one who started it all, the one who made him come to Manchester United at 18 and who made him progress not only as a footballer but also as a man. That’s why Sir Alex Ferguson is the best (apart from salary) asset of Manchester United to bring back the prodigal child. The supporters also put theirs there and yesterday sent a commercial plane above the El Madrigal with the banner “Come back to the house Cristiano”. A testimony of unique love. 
So nothing will be easy. Cristiano Ronaldo said this week that his future was in Madrid, and the sum that would cost the transfer is very high. However there may have been some progress on this point since it is whispering that the Manchester leaders would be willing to invest up to 200 million euros and pay a salary of 600 000 euros per week to attach the services of Cristiano Ronaldo. Business to follow … Do you think Ferguson can convince Ronaldo?

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