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Cristiano Ronaldo: Again wounded?

After the release of Cristiano Ronaldo last night in front of France, the physiotherapists applied ice on his left knee. Leaving fear of a new injury.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s state of health always asks questions. Last night, during the victory of the team of France 2-1 facing Portugal, CR7 was applied ice on his knee after his release. The latter came out at the 75th minute of the game after having given a lot, a match crowned by a great opportunity repelled by master hand by Steve Mandanda. It is possible that this precaution taken last night after its release was only a simple formality but as soon as it touches the state of health of the Madrid star, everyone asks questions … Already a month ago, CR7 was not one of the holders in front of Albania, there-again because of injury. What is sure is that for a few months, CR7 no longer has the iron legs that were known to him. 
If we ask questions, it is because the Portuguese has been embarrassed for some time by these repetitive wounds. His troubles began in April, there-again on the left knee, because of a subluxation tendonitis. An injury that has noticeably diminished at the end of last season and at the World Cup. The other concern is that Cristiano insists on playing all the matches, in disregard of his health, which has earned him some explanations with Carlo Ancelotti. We will know in a few days in front of Denmark whether this alert is to be taken seriously or not. Do you think CR7 should slow the pace?

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