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Real Madrid: Cristiano Ronaldo-Benzema, the most decisive duo in Europe

We talk a lot about the shovel records made by Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid. However, many agree that Portuguese would not have such a success without its perfect agreement with Karim Benzema. Explanations in Figures!

Benzema for Ronaldo, Ronaldo for Benzema … Within a week, the two comperes of the Madrid attack still exchanged a few offerings, demonstrating that their tandem appears to be the most complementary in Europe. The duets of attackers in football, this is not what is missing, far from it. One thinks in particular of the duo Messi-Neymar of Barça, Van Persie-Rooney in the Red Devils and of course the PSG formed by Ibrahimovic and Cavani. However, at Barça the relationship is just nascent between the Argentine and the Brazilian, while PVR hangs behind the tireless Rooney, and that Cavani took advantage of the absence of the league to chain the goals … In the other major clubs, the attack is more often carried by a tip, as in Manchester City with Agüero, at Bayern Munich with Lewandowski, in Chelsea with Diego Costa, at Juve with Tevez … The idea is there, the tandem Ronaldo-Benzema has been playing together for six seasons now, and their relationship has steadily risen to perfection.

An unshakable tandem

In recent seasons, Real Madrid has altered its offensive cartridges. Gonzalo Higuain was the main competitor of the French international, Özil was the maestro and Di Maria was the mad fire capable of giving the dizzy to any defence. Despite all these losses (well compensated), the Ronaldo-Benzema duo did not move, and even strengthened, especially since last season. So much so that CR7 has even appointed his attack gossip as the best striker in La Liga. It is clear that after 13 days, Real Madrid has already scored 48 goals in the Championship, 20 by the Portuguese, 8 by Benzema. But that’s not all, it’s mostly their common statistics that place the duo as the best in Europe. Yesterday, during the victory of Real Madrid facing Malaga 2-1, Ronaldo did not score, a first since the month of January when the Portuguese played a game in its entirety. But if he did not score, he issued the two decisive passes, for Bale and for Benzema … Today, CR7 is also the best passer of La Liga with 8 assists, in addition to being the top scorer.

A unique complementarity

In its entirety, it was even the 14th decisive pass of Ronaldo for Benzema in the Spanish championship. Vice Versa, Benzema is also the providential supplier of the Portuguese, especially since the departure of the German game leader. In the Champions League this week, the Frenchman sent his tenth decisive pass to CR7 in the competition, the 26th all competitions combined (Özil had sent 27 to the Portuguese …). This season, Real Madrid remains on a series of 16 consecutive wins all competitions, the longest of its history (to two victories of the Barca series of Rijkaard), and one wonders how the Madrid machine could stop. With a pair of attackers as prolific as complementary, Ancelotti can serenely think about the sequel, and supporters too. Especially as for Benzema, the best years of his career are coming …. is the Ronaldo-Benzema duo the best in Europe?

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