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Golden Ball 2014: Cristiano Ronaldo defended by Ancelotti

This week the Spanish midfielder Bayern Munich Xabi Alonso surprised the planet foot by militant for the candidacy of Manuel Neuer to the Golden Ball 2014. Everyone was waiting for him to support Cristiano Ronaldo, his former teammate.

Xabi Alonso quickly turned the page. After his years in Real Madrid, the Spanish midfielder joined the ranks of Bayern Munich, record of titles in the Bundesliga, while having a smile. But deep down, he certainly kept a bad memory of his departure. Pushed towards the exit following the arrival of James Rodriguez, the former Liverpool player was sold to the German club, and would have found himself without playing time if he had refused the transfer. So at the time of evoking the future Golden Ball, the Iberian logically forgets Cristiano Ronaldo, his former teammate.
“I read the statements of Xabi Alonso,” confided Carlo Ancelotti, tactician of Real Madrid, during a recent press conference. “This is his personal opinion.” This is one of the only ones who think that Ronaldo is not going to win the next Golden Ball. Last year there was a lot of debate but this year, if I wasn’t Real coach, I would have a hard time thinking about another player than Ronaldo. Some forget that Ronaldo was very important to win the Champions league. He scored 17 goals. In front of journalists from a German newspaper, Xabi preferred to support the candidacy of his goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, world champion 2014 with Germany.

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